Agdam Stadium
Agdam Stadium & Sports Complex
Agdam, Azerbaijan
Archia, Design Bureau
Sports, Commercial, Category 4 Stadium, Masterplan
Agdam Stadium
Archia was successful in winning the competition for the design of the Agdam Stadium and Sports complex on an impressive large site located in the city of Agdam in west Azerbaijan. The masterplan for the sports complex takes inspiration from the natural beauty of mountainous region of Qarabagh and includes a Category 4 football stadium, training facilities, universal competition hall, a hotel and public gardens. When developing the brief one of the challenges was in composing the arrangement of all the programmes on the site in a way which would consider the human circulation both on match and non-match days. We tried to create a site where the public can easily access the site and use it as public property. We wanted to minimise vehicle traffic within the site so public pathways with connecting bridgeways and walkways were introduced to promote pedestrian activity.