Fuzuli Sports Complex
Ministry of Youth & Sport
Fusuli, Azerbaijan
Architect, Project
Sports, Education
Fuzuli Sports Complex
The Fusuli Sports Complex is commissioned by the government of Azerbaijan as part of the rehabilitation programme which Fusuli city forms part of the liberated region of Qarabagh. The complex is designed to house training facilities for the youth of Fusuli. The L-shaped layout was chosen in order to create a strong approach to the principle façade as well as create an intimate outdoor court yard to the rear of the building, where the youth can enjoy the outdoors in between their training sessions. A shading system around the perimeter of the building provides sun shading and shelter, as well as a rhythm to the façade through the use of tall slender columns. The palette of chosen materials have been selected to resemble the natural finishes, of timber, stone and earthy tones for the plaster render.